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Although the canopy has grown massively over a century you still get glimpses of the views up the Hunter River and over the City that made this site the perfect choice for a park.

View over the CBD

View up the Hunter river


Church Walk Park has a range of ornamental plants that flower throughout the year. Here are just a few!

There are six ornamental hibiscus in the Park of various colours.

The many cultivars of Grevillea in the Park are a perennial favourite with native birds.

The cat's claw vine on the Embankment is a magnificent sight when it flowers.

It is hard to believe that this is in the CBD of NSW's second largest city!


The park is much improved through consistent community effort, however problems such as garbage, dumping, removal of facilities, lack of signage and erosion remain. We urge City of Newcastle to apply the Park's Plan of Management and to budget properly for improvements and maintenance in Church Walk Park.

Failures in the dry stone walling have occurred over the years

Erosion remains a problem.

Removal of garbage bins created a problem for the Park, so a community member manages his own bins for the benefit of the community.

Without the input of arborists as required in the Plan of Management, some of the century old trees are performing poorly, such as this century old camphor laurel strangled by ivy.

Removal of street sweeping services from the slip road means that the drains block regularly leading to flooding across the King and Darby Street intersections. This is a serious risk for pedestrians.

Thank you City of Newcastle

Park users are thankful for works undertaken in the park over the last ten years including improvements to lighting, plantings on steep slopes, resurfacing of paths and erosion control measures.

Use of coir logs for erosion control is a great temporary fix for erosion problems. Thank you!

More and brighter lights have led to increased safety for park users at night. Thank you!

Resurfaced paths and twice weekly blowering of leaf litter has increased pedestrian safety in the park. Thank you!

Use of sandstone blocks to replace failed sections of wall have worked very well to prevent further land slippages. Thank you!

Use of abseilers to emplace weed mats and increase native plant coverage on slopes that are difficult to reach is slowly paying dividends. Thank you!

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