Church Walk park lacks the signage and interpretation common in other parks...


Most parks in the City of Newcastle have standard signs marking the name of the park, wayfinding and facilities. Unfortunately Church Walk Park currently lacks all signage, despite its significance.

We hope that Council can agree to install a name sign for the park at the bottom and the top of the Western steps that form the main pedestrian route through the park. Community also believes that way-finding markers noting the accessible route through the park for prams and bikes should be installed.

Church Walk Park and it's environs are also significant heritage areas with respect to Civic History, Transport and Coal mining. An interpretation panel near the entrance to the park would be appropriate.

Standard City of Newcastle Park Sign


In addition to the standardised signage, local residents plan to apply for a place-making grant to improve information about the park.

Church Walk Park is notable for its extensive Native and European plantings, including food plants. We propose markers for significant trees and understory plants. You'll find the online map of plantings here.

City of Newcastle Heritage Marker near the Baths