City of Newcastle's 20 year old Plan of Management for Church Walk Park needs to be implemented and updated to secure the Park for future generations.

Outcomes have been generally good when the Park's Plan of Management has been followed. The worst erosion (above) was dealt with when City of Newcastle installed sandstone blocks on the slip road (below). But there are other areas that need to be similarly addressed!

Excerpt: City of Newcastle Heritage Places Plan of Management

Key issues for Church Walk Park



1. Mixture of vegetation – self sown, visually compromised. Safety of users an issue – weeds and soil erosion.

Pedestrian safety/facilities

1. Hand railing maintenance is required to aid older/younger pedestrians.

2. Steps/pathways require repair in some locations to remove trip hazards.

3. Redundant light poles.

4. Lack of directional signage.

5. Surveillance poor.

Church Street Area

1. Opportunity to take advantage of views to the harbour at end of Church Street.

Park furniture

1. Usefulness limited and poorly located. Lack of identity


  • Manage vegetation in the park to create a woodland type vegetation structure using the existing large Eucalypts and planting a native grass under story throughout the site.

  • Prepare and implement a program to remove weeds and miscellaneous shrub and tree plantings not in keeping with the proposed Eucalypt Woodland vegetation structure. Carry out appropriate arboricultural management practices to ensure the health and longevity of the remaining trees.

  • Carry out a general audit on safety, structural stability and maintenance requirements for the existing structures in the park including handrails, steps, retaining walls and small storage shed. Following the audit carry out the necessary repairs to rectify any identified problems.

  • Install new directional/interpretive signage at the King Street and Church Street entrances in accordance with Councils signage standard.

  • Prepare and implement a design for a new viewing platform located at the Church Street entrance

Heritage Places Strategic Plan, Part II Page 4

Repair of steps is highlighted as a requirement in the Park's Plan of Management

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